It’s Getting Hot in Here and We Ain’t Taking off No Clothes: Public Report on the Workhouse Struggle and Al-Aqsa Demonstration.



The “Workhouse” is, essentially, a medieval torture facility built in 1966 to warehouse working class black people who can’t afford to pay exorbitant bail and court fees. If you can’t pay, they throw you in here. Once you are in here, you are forced to fight for the amusement and gambling of guards, deal with black mold, infestations of vermin such as rats and roaches, and food unfit to be fed to animals. The general line of those who have had the misfortune (imposed by capitalism) of ending up in this hellhole is “Close It!”. This month’s storm was brewed by the revelation that incarcerated comrades are forced to survive in this facility in conditions without air conditioning in temperatures that have reached all time highs for our area. Saturday, July 22, saw record breaking temperatures outside of 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Inside, the temperature is 10 degrees higher due to the fact that the facility is built out of brick. Reports from comrades who have been incarcerated as recently as a week ago have informed us that people have been fighting for access to the trifling popsicles, ice, cold water, and access to “the hole” where there is cool air. All showers are hot. Comrades inside called for those on the outside to “help”, and help we did. On Friday, July 21, revolutionary minded and progressive elements from a variety of organizations and ideological tendencies ranging from anarchism to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to “this shit is fucked up-ism”, along with the advanced masses, many of whom have been inside or have relatives inside this facility showed up to shut it down.


This was a noise demo, and make noise we did. The fence was weak. Our comrades raised the motherfucker and a few brave comrades scaled the fence and breached the first perimeter. There were roughly 300 comrades there that night, and we had great success. There was real solidarity built between those on the inside and outside. Messages of support were exchanged, and we witnessed several family reunions, mothers bringing their children to meet fathers that they had never seen before, forced to communicate between two fences and a brick wall. This is what capitalism does to us. There were various opportunist local political elements present, but the militancy of the crowd and the adherence to the “Close the Workhouse” line neutralized them and they were forced to stand back and shake their heads at us. Let them shake, because they’re shook. We also had the presence of family members of Vinny Hammett, a victim of police murder on the South Side last month, who was killed when a SWAT team barged into his residence, shared with his grandfather, a Vietnam Veteran, and riddled the house with bullets. The police then proceeded to manufacture several lies, all of which were easily disproven. Justice for Vinny Hammett, Mike Brown, Vonderrit Myers, and Kajieme Powell will not be served truly until the people rule, and to ensure that the people rule, a mass movement and a revolutionary party is needed. The police were woefully unprepared for the rebellion that we had in store, and could not get organized and mobilized until 45 minutes after the demonstration began. They waited until nightfall and began their usual fuckery, bringing out the riot gear and making the “this is an illegal gathering” announcement. They brought out a tow truck to frighten and intimidate comrades who had parked their vehicles on Hall Street. We have reports that they punctured the tires of comrades who parked further out of the way. They then proceeded to bash with riot shields, use pepper spray indiscriminately, and attack/single out presumed “leaders” and advanced elements, especially black women, for attack. A comrade was hauled off brutally, all while being called homophobic slurs by our notoriously homophobic pigs. Pushed us all out into Hall Street so that we would get hit by cars. Essentially, they tried to kill us. But they fail to realize that even if they get rid of everybody that was out Friday, the struggling spirit runs deep in this city and the building of the revolution in this city will continue until final victory. Comrades returned Saturday night, the hottest night of the year, and there was an increased riot police presence and brutal attacks on individuals who were out the night before were done with disregard to the fact that cameras were present. STL Pigs don’t care, as we learned from Ferguson. They had sealed off access to the Workhouse grounds, forcing comrades to demonstrate across the street.

Pigs had been given a Metro bus to “cool down” in. (July 22)

We were also treated to a display of blatant hypocrisy. The pigs were given an entire Metro bus to sit in and stay cool when they felt the need. Who missed work for the pigs, that is the question! Pigs began to mock and torment comrades, and would routinely make feints across the street to try and provoke fear. It began to rain, and the pigs turned on floodlights, causing at least one auto accident. Once again trans comrades and comrades who were seen Friday were singled out, manhandled and arrested for no reason whatsoever. Once again the world saw the pigs and their class nature. The demo dispersed, all determined to strengthen ties to those on the inside, all determined to close the workhouse, all determined to link up and strengthen ties and build a united front to close the Workhouse across racial boundaries, across geographic area, across ideological spectrums. This is a class struggle and a class war and our cadre and mass members are being sharpened, trained, and built up through participation in mass struggles like that to close the Workhouse. Saint Louis dares to struggle, and we shall win whether it takes us a day or 3 million days. We have received a temporary “victory” in the form of “temporary” AC units (costing the city $40,000/day) installed Monday. This is not a temporary struggle, and even if they make the workhouse so cool that ice forms on the floor in July, we will never be satisfied until we are dismantling it brick by brick. This is one step on the road to inevitable victory.

Sunday saw the demonstration called by the city’s Muslim community against the Zionist siege of al-Aqsa Mosque. Comrades from PYO-STL responded in solidarity and the desire to build stronger ties of anti-imperialist solidarity with our Muslim comrades. Comrades used their discipline and training to successfully drive away and neutralize the impact of Zionist and fascist trolls who had shown up to attack and disrupt the demonstration and the public prayer. The masses of the Muslim community extended their heartfelt thanks at the fact that we displayed international solidarity and material support as one of their holiest sites falls under attack from imperialist occupiers. This shows that the correct decision for the revolutionary at all times is to stand firmly alongside the people, to unite with their interests, and to defend their right to religious expression and their land. Long Live Palestine! End the siege on al-Aqsa!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!

Close the Workhouse, Free the People Immediately!

Justice for Isaiah Hammett, Vonderritt Myers, Mike Brown, Kajieme Powell, and all who have been murdered by the police nationwide!

We Will Make Revolution in Our Lifetime!

End the siege on Al-Aqsa!


So You Want to Join the RC?


Saint Louis Revolutionary Collective is a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization. Who are we? STL-RC cadre aren’t simply bookworms sitting around doing nothing while the streets flare up and the people struggle. If there is a homeless encampment under threat, we defend it. If there is a strike, we are there to help. If there is fuckery from the pigs, we do everything that we can to make it a big deal and fight against it. If there’s fascists about, we run them out. We read and develop ourselves on an ideological and theoretical level, but we also work. The role of a cadre is to be with the people, listen to the people, learn from the people, teach the people, and serve the people. Everything that goes on, we must take part in. We serve the people through participation in, development of, and leadership in all sorts of mass work, whether it be building antifascist bases in communities, struggling against the coming drop in the minimum wage, conducting interviews with victims of police brutality and their families, conducting self-defense training, and coordinating the work of linking up all progressive forces in our area for revolutionary efforts and building broad based coalitions and campaigns. By joining us, you recognize that the path to liberation and salvation of the majority of humanity is through building for revolution and the destruction of the United States, the number one imperialist superpower on the face of the Earth today, through Protracted People’s War. Such a thing requires the efforts of all who can be united and developed. We are currently in the stage of accumulation of forces, this means that we focus on turning as many people into Maoists as possible, and getting all progressive elements organized and involved in the work that we are doing here. The process of joining the RC isn’t a short one. You must have mass work under your belt, and you must have a firm theoretical foundation. Cadre are developed in mass struggle. You can’t just pick up a few books and call yourself a cadre. There are people participating in revolutions across the world who have not read Marx’s Capital. There are people who have read Marx’s Capital who are reactionaries and who oppose the revolutionary movement. The supreme test of cadre is in practice. Who do we want? We want people who are involved, who have links to the people, who can go among the people and swim among them like fish in water. We want workers. We want students. We want people who can go everywhere they are needed and do everything that is needed, because the revolution must be everywhere and do everything. What service are you to the people? What have you done for the people? What are you doing to advance the revolutionary movement? This being said, there are a few questions that should be answered and a few things that should be cleared up if you are interested in beginning the process of making revolution with us. You can’t join with any old ideological base, you have to have a base to work on. We are guided by Maoist theory. Answer these questions as the first step. To help you in your development, we have attached links to readings that explain terms that may be unfamiliar and assist in the process of your development. – Political Education Bureau, STL-RC


1.) How would you describe yourself ideologically?


2.) Is a revolutionary vanguard (a Communist Party) necessary?


3.) What is the role of a cadre organization or Party and cadre?


4.) Describe briefly the mass line.


5.) What are the “three magic weapons” of making revolution and why are they necessary?


6.) What does proletarian feminism mean?


7.) Why is the liberation of oppressed nationalities and genders (see Proletarian Feminism) an important goal of Communists?


8.) What differs between our goal of oppressed people’s liberation and liberal identity politics?


9.)Why is connecting with the masses, oppressed communities, and building duel power under capitalism important?


10.) Why is the insurrection route (“October Road”) of making revolution faulty?


11.)Why is cultural revolution necessary?


12.)What is the importance of Criticism and Self-Criticism?


13.)Are cadre infallible? Is any party leader or revolutionary?


14.)What is revisionism?


15.)Why is it necessary to uphold dialectical materialism as a communist?


16.)What is the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and why should the working class take state power?


17.) What is cadre discipline? Must cadre be subject to higher discipline than people in mass organizations? Why?


18.)Why should communists fight against imperialism? What is imperialism? What does working class Internationalism look like?


19.)Are law enforcement officers (pigs/cops) “working class”?


20.)Where do correct ideas come from?


21.) Why is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism the highest stage of Marxism?


22.) Is MLM a scientific worldview? What is a scientific worldview?


23.)Why should a communist party adhere to Democratic Centralism?


24.) Who are some of your biggest revolutionary inspirations and why?


25.) What is needed to strengthen the fighting revolutionary movement in Saint Louis? Who can be united? Who are our friends? Who are our enemies? What is the major issue (contradiction)?


26.) Why do you want to join us?

Paper Tigers on Fire: A Summation of Two Victories

If anyone attacks us and if the conditions are favorable for battle, we will certainly act in self-defense to wipe him out resolutely, thoroughly, wholly and completely (we do not strike rashly, but when we do strike, we must win). We must never be cowed by the bluster of reactionaries. – Mao Zedong



What is a paper tiger? One who, at first glance, looks very dangerous, but upon being stepped on, or lit, or having water thrown on them, melts and burns. Of course, we’re referring to human beings and human phenomena. The fascists, the police, and their helpers are paper tigers in the long run because their system, the capitalist-imperialist order, is ultimately doomed. These paper tigers also have traits of real tigers, they are armed and have experience in killing and destruction, this means that we must take their capacity to do damage seriously in planning and organizing against them and in general. Anti-fascist organizing must rely on the masses, mobilize them, and educate them in a real way, and consistently bring them deeper and deeper into the movement. A few scattered bands of Communists or Anarchists cannot make revolution. Without the people, we are nothing. This is what Maoism teaches us. The victories of this month, and all victories, come from firmly relying on the masses, particularly the masses of working class nationally oppressed people in our city, not on the efforts of one individual or organization. Keeping this in mind and consistent, correct application of the mass line method of leadership in antifascist work and in all work will enable us to win more and greater victories and avoid left deviations.


There was a memorial to Confederate soldiers in Forest Park, built by the Daughters of the Confederacy in the early 20th century. There will soon be no memorial, the city’s elite led by the pig loving homeless hating Mayor Lyda Krewson doesn’t want continued embarrassment so the order was swiftly issued to dismantle it. This was after months of struggle and organizing against the monument, and a public GoFundMe campaign that raised several thousands of dollars. Despite all this, the black traitor and sellout Peggy Hubbard, married to a police officer, who rose to infamy by opposing the Black Lives Matter movement, saw an opportunity to once again get into the spotlight, and organized a fascist demonstration masquerading as a picnic in order to “celebrate America”, set for June 3rd. This demonstration attracted several fascist, neo-Confederate, and other bad elements to our city, and organizing against it was done under the auspices of strict secrecy to prevent infiltration and revealing of our plans to shut down this event. This was one of the reasons that the action was successful and the event was forced to cancel. Putting everything up on the internet and ignorance of security culture, especially organizational details, leads to disasters and failures. We have seen this time and time again. As far as the fascists were concerned, there was no organized response to their demonstration. This is what we wanted them to think, and subsequently, they let their guard down. There was no effort to defend their area, there was no perimeter in place, and the police were stretched to the limit, forced to run here and there. Surprise was a major factor in this victory. Comrades were able to materialize in their midst, attract their attention, draw the crowd to one end of the designated space or another, and make room for others to break through. The fascist pigs on motorcycles that Hubbard had called “security” were cowards and were extremely unprofessional, undedicated to their task, and easy to provoke, forced to leave after their precious bikes were surrounded. What type of so-called security force abandons their comrades! The police were easily demoralized, being told several times that they should die in the line of duty and we sharpened contradictions when they decided to engage in kidnapping of comrades, openly display pepper spray, and mention “breaking out zip ties”. They refused to arrest any fascists at the event until the masses pointed out how they were targeting black and brown comrades, especially women, for arrest or detention, but displayed a heavy hand towards us, shoving and pushing and assaulting. We held our ground. Hubbard also had who we presume to be her husband, a police officer employed with Hillsdale Police Department, show up and attempt to intimidate us with a rifle. This is a common trend, fascists acting like this isn’t a country where a firearm is easier to get than healthcare or education. This is a city that has a murder or two almost every day, and a gun could be had for $50. Guns don’t intimidate anybody in Saint Louis. Comrades were also armed, so we really don’t know what they were trying to demonstrate. Some comrades carried openly, some did not. The correct choice, whether to promote concealment or open display of firearms is dependent on a variety of considerations. We do advise comrades to arm themselves with a firearm if they are able and can afford it. Study and take advantage of Missouri’s very lax firearms laws, because our enemies most certainly do. The important thing is that one recognizes where political power comes from and what we must do to get it. Once again, we held our ground. Essentially, this was a battle of attrition. All confrontations and street battles of this type are protracted people’s war in miniature. We seek to fight a protracted people’s war on a national level. This is practice, learn to struggle and fight through struggling and fighting. People’s forces, oftentimes outnumbered and outgunned, must rely on creativity, ability to adapt, and the enemy’s own weaknesses to have any hope of victory. The people and their will to win are key. The fascists, puffed up, arrogant, half of whom were drunk, undisciplined, and secure, were ripe for the picking, and could not hold up to people’s forces and our superior discipline, nor could they deal with the demoralization that our presence offered. Thus, they buckled. The numbers began to dwindle, and by early afternoon Hubbard was crying on Facebook live (after breaking down earlier) about “being threatened with physical violence” and comrades were able to snatch the flowers from the Confederate memorial. Hubbard raised $8,000 for this event. Apparently, they didn’t have time to even open a single bottle of ketchup. We also point out that Hubbard, a black woman, is so detached from the affairs of her own people that she said that she will be donating the food to a homeless shelter that has been closed for months. It’s not easy being a sellout, is it? This event, held in a near majority black city, a city that rose in rage in 2014 and where racial and class contradictions are especially sharp and growing, is not a welcome or safe space for white boys from the Ozarks to come and play Johnny Reb. If they don’t believe this, they are certainly more than welcome to come back and try us again.


The fascists didn’t get enough after losing at Forest Park on the 3rd. The local reactionaries working under the auspices of the fascist organization “ACT for America”, an Islamophobic organization that believes that “sharia law will take over America”, organized a demonstration as part of the “National March against Sharia Law” effort in the Saint Charles area, which they apparently had marked as a “safe space”, or at least a safer one than Forest Park. This was especially vicious in the face of the recent murders of two people in Portland, Oregon, by a white supremacist and Islamophobe on public transport, for standing in solidarity with two women of color who he was verbally abusing. Once again, these incompetent and arrogant characters openly publicized their intentions and location to meet up. Our people did not. Comrades arrived at the park that was to host the march and speeches and intimidated both the fascists and the police (really, no difference that matters), with Palestinian and red flags. The police got nervous, and ordered the (permitted) march to cancel. Strike two for revolutionary people’s forces in Saint Louis.


So, that’s how the paper tigers burned themselves this month. If they feel like enjoying the summer anymore, they’re welcome back anytime if they want to see who has teeth and who does not. Saint Louis will be a red base, whether they like it or not. We raise a firm red salute to our comrades both nationally and locally who have guided us, correctly, since our formation as a collective, criticized us in due time, assisted us, and who continue to build for revolution in our lifetimes. We will win.

In Memory of Edward Crawford: Build Up 10,000 More!

Thousands upon thousands of martyrs have heroically laid down their lives for the people; let us hold their banner high and march ahead along the path crimson with their blood! – Mao Zedong

“I didn’t throw it back at police. I threw it out of the way of our children.” – Edward Crawford, Jr.


Edward Crawford, Jr. A working class, New Afrikan from Saint Louis. 27 years old. Father of four children. Outstanding leader of the people that came forward from the masses in the wake of the 2014 uprising in Ferguson. Found dead in his vehicle from a gunshot wound. The “investigating” pigs were quick to rush and attempt to sweep this case under the rug as a “suicide”, much like many others. But, the movement and the masses know better. The FBI tried to convince Martin Luther King, Jr. to commit suicide, because his anti-imperialist turn, criticisms of the capitalist-imperialist system, and opposition to the war in Vietnam so frightened them. They promoted sectarian, fratricidal violence in the Black Panther Party, leading to the deaths of many cadres and organizers. The police and their lackies will seek to wreck and ruin any genuine revolutionary movement in this country, and will not stop at murder. Our lives mean nothing to them. They are the unequivocal enemy of our people, 100%, full stop, no exceptions. None are good, if they were good, they would not be police. Darren Seals, another outstanding mass leader and activist that came forth from the Ferguson struggle, was found dead in similar circumstances, except in this case, he was shot and set on fire in his vehicle. Seals was the sixth person found murdered in this way in our area.


Tef Poe does not expect the Ferguson Police Department to properly investigate Seals’ death. He said the people of the St. Louis suburb “don’t have any misconceptions about what is going on.”

Carlos Ball, a close friend of Seals, agreed with Tef Poe’s belief that the Ferguson activist was executed and said, “the manner and the way in which he died” proves there was some foul play involved in his death.


“For him to be shot and then set on fire – that’s not random – that’s a targeted hit,” Ball said.

Ball went on to expound on how the community is reacting to the mysterious death of Seals and said, “Some activists are scared or have a little fear, but you have to when we know who we are going up against and what we’re going up against.


We won’t be quiet about Darren’s death because Darren wouldn’t have been quiet had it been me, had it been Tef, had it been anybody else. Darren would have been vocal, been loud, and we got to do the same thing for him.”


It is well known that activists and revolutionaries from the working class of the oppressed nationalities are the greatest threat to the capitalist-imperialist, fascist style of governance in this country and in this world. In the Philippines and India, we see violence enacted by the state on oppressed peasants, workers, and mass organizers. People are routinely rounded up by death squads, military and the police (not necessarily separate organizations, mind you) and executed, or thrown in jail for no reason other than having attended a protest, or spoken out in public. In India, we see masses of oppressed indigenous people (called adivasis, or “tribals”) who have been struggling heroically against imperialist theft of their land and natural resources alongside the CPI (Maoist) labeled as “terrorists” and hounded, tortured, and murdered, particularly women. Essentially, wherever there is a revolutionary movement that poses a threat to the criminal order of things, we see the desperate acts of a dying class and regime. Organizers and revolutionaries, especially Maoists, from the New Afrikan and Chicano/Latinx nationalities are at special risk because of the revolutionary character of the working classes of these nations. Maoists of all nations are at risk because our ideology, which is the summation of centuries of proletarian struggle, is the grave digger of capitalism, imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratic capitalism the world over. The American system is doomed, there is no salvation for it in the grand scheme of things. We are its gravediggers. The American regime does not want political development of the masses of the oppressed, it does not want a rapidly growing mass movement, it does not want more and more masses of our people acting upon the principle that political power does not grow out of a ballot box, but out of the barrel of a gun. It certainly doesn’t want Maoism to become a hegemonic force. Maoism recognizes that power never concedes to anything other than greater power, we are not ballot box “revolutionaries”, pray and play “revolutionaries”, NGO “revolutionaries”, or, to use Malcolm X’s term, “begolutionaries”. You can not offer a Maoist or any other real revolutionary who loves their people a billion dollars to do what is contrary to the wishes and desires of the masses of people, or to go against their interests. Yet, for all that it does not want, America truly has no power to stop it. It could not stop the resistance of the Vietnamese people to its war of aggression in their country. It has not stopped the people’s wars in the Philippines and in India, despite billions of dollars in aid and weapons that they have dumped there and the NGO lackies that they have sent. So, they engage in these desperate acts of a dying class. They promote reformist, sell-out elements such as DeRay McKesson as “leaders” of the struggle, despite him not having done anything concrete in Ferguson besides play on Twitter and boost his own platform. He gets to eat with Hillary Clinton and run for Mayor of Baltimore (and lose, the masses there don’t fuck with him either). Darren Seals and Edward Crawford get shot to death. Revolutionary women activists get hounded by the police. Revolutionary organizers are followed, hounded, tormented, and beaten, by both fascists and their pig friends. Yet, we continue. For each of us that falls, 100 more shall rise. No matter how much money they dump on the NAACP, on the McKessons and Jacksons and Sharptons to try to contain our rage, it will never work. We have no fear, we know that we will win, we know that America is doomed and our fallen comrades shall be avenged ten fold. There will be many more Fergusons. There will be Fergusons of a new type, beyond spontaneous and righteous rebellions of rage, there will inevitably exist a Marxist-Leninist Maoist party in this country that will wage a protracted people’s war that will make them long for the days when a molotov cocktail was all they had to fear. As long as there are people, there is power. As long as they keep doing these desperate acts, the people’s rage will grow. As long as we can’t breathe, our people will develop in tactics, strategy, and knowledge. They cannot kill us all. They can certainly kill themselves by continuing along this path, though. Solidarity and rage to the family of the fallen comrade, the comrade who stepped forth from the masses, threw their poisonous chemical weapon back at them, out of the way of children. Let us remember him and solidify our determination to develop further the revolutionary movement, grow new mass activists and revolutionary cadres, and uphold our end of the task to develop a Maoist party in the United States.

Red Salute for International Worker’s Day, 2017!



People of the world, unite and defeat the U.S. aggressors and all their running dogs! People of the world, be courageous, and dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people. Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed. – Mao Zedong


International Worker’s Day, also known as May Day, is the day that proletarian fighters the world over, from the Philippines to India, from Portland to New York, take to celebrate and remember our comrades lost in the struggles of the past centuries, and reach out to and join with those still struggling, like us, across the world, to realize the world-historic task of the proletariat and all progressive humanity, that of overthrowing the forces that inhibit the development of humanity and threaten to wipe us off the face of the Earth, and then constructing the socialist order, struggling through to Communism. We Marxist-Leninist-Maoists struggle because we refuse to die, and we refuse to watch humanity die. It is a day of festivities, a day of remembrance, a day of solidarity, a day of reflection, a day of affirmation of proletarian values. It is the day of the proletariat. Thus, we celebrate, along with millions of others. Democratic, progressive and revolutionary elements working with Progressive Youth Organization (Saint Louis), Serve the People – Saint Louis (for clarification – not affiliated in any way with other organizations in other cities working under the “Serve the People” name), Socialist Alternative, Latinos en Axión, Democratic Socialists of America, Socialist Party, USA, Earth Defenders Coalition, Green Party, USA, Student-Worker Alliance, and the International Marxist Tendency will come together to celebrate and rebel on May Day, 2017, in Saint Louis.


May Day 2017 is particularly important because of the conditions we, proletarian revolutionaries and democratic, progressive elements in the United States, and particularly in Saint Louis, find ourselves in. At the national level, the fascist Trump and his clique is currently in the process of using all of the forces and tools available to him as President of the Amerikkkan Empire to roll back what trifling reforms and concessions the masses have been able to wring from this fascist system over decades through struggle. He threatens and attacks our undocumented migrant comrades. Klansman Jeff Sessions is currently preparing to step up the war on black and brown working class people in the legal sphere. Trump is also beating the war drums against the Syrian, Afghan and North Korean people, launching several dozen missiles at a Syrian airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack spuriously attributed to the Assad government, threatening to attack the DPRK, and using the “Mother of All Bombs” weapon of mass destruction, developed during the war on the Iraqi people under the Bush II regime, to unsuccessfully attempt to cow and frighten the Afghan people under the pretext of “fighting ISIS”. We see fascists organizing openly and boldly in our streets, on our campuses, and in our neighborhoods, leaving flyers and leaflets everywhere, holding open demonstrations, posing with weapons, and taking all of the desperate steps of those who know that their historical day in the sun is rapidly coming to an end. This does not frighten us, this steels our resolve and our determination to expand the mass movement and the Communist movement in our city. Every trench of combat and every trench of struggle is or will be soon filled with stern, disciplined and resolute proletarian fighters and mass activists. The spirit of Ferguson, 2014 was reawakened and rekindled by the ascension of Trump to power. Not stifled, nor put out.


In Saint Louis, the reactionary pushback has developed along several lines, and our work has developed or will develop accordingly to deal with it. Comrades in Progressive Youth Organization, Student Worker Alliance, and Socialist Alternative have been in the forefront of waging struggle against reactionary actions taken against adjunct workers at Saint Louis University, Washington University, and other universities and building student-worker solidarity, along with organizing against fascist harassment and intimidation of students and staff on several campuses in our area, especially at Webster University. This has gained coverage in several media outlets and subsequent expanding of the student movement. There has been sharp line struggle between organizations and many individuals involved in the movement over which path to take, that of conciliation and reformism, solely legal struggle and rapprochement with the police and their system, or that of militancy, mass organization, and mass action. The result of this struggle has been the entrenching of the revolutionary line, the confirmation of the correctness of the revolutionary line through practice, and the defeat of the reactionary reformist line through practice as well. Correct line develops through struggle with incorrect lines, and the triumph of the revolutionary line here bodes well for the future of the revolutionary movement. The principle of unity-struggle-unity within the movement is one that should be remembered and used, along with the principle of “curing the sickness to save the patient”. To really serve the people, we must be able to both struggle with each other and unite with each other, both on a principled basis. Unprincipled peace and unprincipled and merciless struggle are both wrong. We struggle for unity, we unite for struggle. One cannot exist without the other. On the environmental front, we have seen comrades in EDC (Earth Defenders Coalition) gain national and international attention through their consistent militant actions and mass organizing against the presence of radioactive nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project era at a local landfill in Bridgeton. The result of these consistent actions, many of which have involved direct confrontation with reactionary politicians and blockading of roads and buildings, has been consistent exposure of these government frauds before the masses and more and more people becoming involved in the struggle for environmental justice. In Ferguson, comrades of STP-STL, founded in January of this year,  are consistently expanding their activity (a tutoring program along with a road servicing program is currently being planned), working with and developing firm links to the broad masses, and developing mass activists from among the people of this area. A truly mass organization must involve the participation of the people, otherwise it is a masquerade, a formalistic thing, not a living thing. This is the principle that we must always remember to apply. If every current member of STP-STL drops dead tomorrow, the masses must be able to continue the work.


In closing, we extend revolutionary greetings to all genuine revolutionary elements in the country and on planet Earth, from the city that righteously burned in 2014 in outrage for the police murder of Michael Brown, the city that brought you the general strike of 1877, the city that refuses to die, the city of struggle, Saint Louis.
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!

Lifting a Rock Only to Drop it On One’s Own Feet: On The 4/6/17 Attacks on Syria

“Lifting a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet” is a Chinese folk saying to describe the behavior of certain fools. The reactionaries in all countries are fools of this kind” – Mao Zedong

No war syria

Exactly one hundred years after the United States involved itself in WWI in Europe (at the tail end), the fascistic administration of Donald Trump, in response to a chemical weapons attack of April 4th on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun that was spuriously and disingenuously attributed to the Syrian government by the forces of NATO and its lackeys, launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at al-Shayrat airfield, the supposed source of the aircraft that launched the chemical attack. Six people were killed, aircraft were destroyed, buildings were set afire, and the runway was heavily damaged.

What was this attack? Of course, we all know that the United States, its proxies, and its junior imperialist partners have been slaughtering Syrian civilians for years. But, this latest attack introduces yet another dangerous monkey-wrench into the whole situation. This was an attack on the Syrian government, directly, on a false pretense. There is no evidence that Assad conducted the chemical attack, contrary to the claims of bourgeois “human rights” activists that are simply puppets and water carriers for US/NATO imperialism, swallowing every piece of garbage thrown their way without investigation or application of common sense. Why would a person who is winning a war and preparing to enter negotiations just decide, out of the blue, to launch a chemical weapons attack using a deadly nerve agent, generating outrage from the international community and opening itself up to reprisals? Why does Trump ban refugees from Syria, and then bomb their country, claiming concern about the use of chemical weapons? What are pepper spray, mace, and tear gas? Are they not chemical weapons as well? The US is the world’s biggest hypocrite and liar. The Western liberals carrying this myth are Orientalists, caught up on the stereotype of the “maniacal Arab dictator” who, for no good reason, kills people at random. They squawk and whine and beat the war drums against Russia, Assad, and whoever else CNN and MSNBC tell them the enemy is, while living in the US. What good does this serve? Are they Syrian? Are they Russian? What country is the number one enemy of the world’s people, as stated by the people of the world themselves? That in which they live! This is the height of irony. Their supposed good intentions lead them directly into unity with the Trump camp that they claim to hate so much, which also wishes to see Assad removed, possibly dragged through a Damascene street like Gaddafi was in 2011 (thanks, Clinton!), and the country fractured and destroyed, much like Libya and Iraq. US intervention in any area of the world is objectively bad, because the US and its imperialism is an objectively bad, negative, evil, parasitic influence on the world. Thus, we oppose it. The US has no business in the Middle East, the Philippines, Japan, Palestine, Kurdistan, or anywhere else.


Assad is, of course, a bureaucrat capitalist, a lackey and crony of Russian imperialism, which, while rising, is not at the level of the US. It has its own interests in the region, interests which it is defending. This is an inter-imperialist conflict, ultimately. While we oppose all imperialisms, we recognize that we are actually in a position to do something about that under which we live, that which is the main cause of the troubles impacting the peoples of the world today. It is the job of genuine Communists and democratic elements in Russia and Syria to work for their own revolution. We can not do it for them. We also cannot let ourselves be duped by war propaganda and phony reports and fall into anti-people blind alleys. We are confident that our comrades around the world in other imperialist countries such as Russia and social-imperialist countries like China are carrying out their own work and organizing effective struggle against their own countries’ imperialism, and are preparing their own revolutions. It is our task, as revolutionaries in the world’s number one imperialist and terrorist country, to prepare and build for our own. The destruction of the US is a gain for the people of the world. This is our historic task. This means building up our own Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party capable of providing material support for the peoples of the world in their struggle by directly harming and working for the defeat of the United States in whatever new war its nature leads it to enter. Statements and demonstrations led by peace police and think-pieces written by people with Ph.Ds and pockets full of Yankee money don’t do anything of tangible value. Actions, development of the political consciousness of the working class, the revolutionary class, the class that is the guiding force of any socialist revolution, do. Building strong mass movements, mass activists, and solid cadre, this is what is valuable. The best thing we can do, from the United States, to help the Syrian people and the people of the world is to build up our class’s weapon against that which is killing them, and us, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party. We oppose the artificial partition of Syria to the benefit of the imperialists. We support Syrian and Kurdish self determination free from outside meddling or coercion. The affairs of a country are those of the people of that country and their government. None else. The role of the US and all other imperialists is to leave. Everywhere. Pack up the bases, and go home. Since it won’t do this, because it’d run counter to the interests of its ruling clique, it must be destroyed.


“During a reactionary war, a revolutionary class cannot but desire the defeat of its government”. Lenin wrote this during WWI, and it holds true today. The revolutionary people, the working class, the oppressed nations, in the US, are oppressed by the same people that are oppressing and destroying the people of Syria. A country that claims to not be able to afford to fix infrastructure, fund schools and healthcare, and take care of the other needs of its people can launch millions of dollars of missiles and miss with half of them, and build a worthless wall on its border with a country that it has also worked to destroy. We desire the defeat of the US government in any war it makes on Syria, the DPRK, or any other country. Our war is here. Let’s sharpen it, let’s expand it, let’s bring more people into it. When the US launches a war abroad, our job, our duty to the people of the world is to bring it home. Cast away illusions, prepare to struggle. Dare to struggle, otherwise you don’t deserve to win. Prepare for militant proletarian internationalist, anti-imperialist actions, demonstrations, and struggle in Saint Louis, led by Saint Louis Revolutionary Collective and mass activists.

US out of Everywhere!

Stop the U.S. War Machine!

Rot the Empire from the Inside!

Solidarity Message to the New People’s Army on the 48th Anniversary of its Founding:

March 28th, 2017


We in Saint Louis Revolutionary Collective join all earnest revolutionary forces in the world today in congratulating the workers, peasants, and all progressive/revolutionary minded strata of the Filipino people and their New People’s Army in their 48 years (on March 29th) of waging people’s war against bureaucrat-capitalism, the US imperialism that props it up, feudalism, reaction, and all other mountains and storms that would dare to seek to suppress and eradicate this people. We, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comrades in the city of Saint Louis, Missouri, a city that is torn by drugs, gang violence, poverty, corrupt and racist government, and police outrages against our majority Black population follow the development of the people’s struggle in the Philippines with revolutionary pride, for we know that a win for the masses of the Philippines is a win for the masses of the world.

The development of the people’s struggle, led by their party, their united front, and their people’s army, anywhere in the world, is an objective development in a positive direction. We recognize the New People’s Army and the Communist Party of the Philippines as the a guide, a shining beacon for the people of the world in their struggle against capitalism, imperialism, and compradorism. We also recognize that that our task in STL-RC, along with other principled Maoist comrades in collectives working across the United States, the world headquarters of imperialism and monopoly capital, is to develop our Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party befitting the objective and subjective conditions of this country, our own mass movements and united front against capitalism, against fascism, and against imperialist war, and our own instrument in the form of the people’s army. A strong movement in the United States is what the masses of the world have demanded, and what we intend to deliver. Our task, at the present time, is to develop and build the mass movement in our own city, while building principled and comradely relations with Maoist comrades in other cities as well, and lay the basis for the strong foundation of a strong, integrated Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party in this country. Taking inspiration from comrades who have fought and been martyred in India, the Philippines, Peru, Turkey, Kurdistan, and countless other countries in the service of the revolution in the past decades, we will surely accomplish this task. Over 48 years of puppet regimes and dictatorships such as those of Marcos, the NPA still exists, still struggles, and the comrades of the National Democracy Movement and the CPP continue to demand and work for a just and lasting peace for the people of the Philippines and the world. We continue to follow, take inspiration from, and fully support our comrades working in the movements in the Philippines, and proudly join the rest of the revolutionary and progressive minded world in congratulating the Filipino people and their New People’s Army on this 48th anniversary.

Long Live the New People’s Army!

Victory to the People’s War in the Philippines!

Long Live International Solidarity!