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Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement. The goal of study is to learn the history of almost 200 years of scientific, proletarian revolutionary struggle. Most importantly, we must translate our knowledge of theory into practice and constantly and thoroughly sum up our involvement in struggle to enrich the treasury of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the synthesis of 150 years of this struggle, and there are new developments constantly taking place to sharpen our theory and practice. Saint Louis Revolutionary Collective has developed this public reading list so that comrades locally, nationally, and across the world can have access to these important materials in one place for easy access and reference. Some of these are historical documents and materials relevant to our own area, for without thoroughly understanding one’s own concrete conditions, the concrete revolutionary movement that Maoists have a bounden duty to unfold and develop can not exist. You may also find videos, if that is the educational format you prefer. Many of these documents are historically relevant, but the lines and theories that they promote in many cases are no longer applicable to our conditions, for example, the question of the agrarian revolution in the US South (Black Belt). This is a list that will constantly be expanded. Many of these items we also have available in print or are in the process of obtaining. We will soon set up a physical library that comrades locally may use, both for discussion and struggle/debate, as we know that internet access is something that not all have access to and online arguments/struggles over major theoretical and line questions generally turn out badly, breed liberalism, sow discord/bad blood, and are also very bad security practice. We don’t encourage this practice among local comrades. Mass organizations in which STLRC offers theoretical and practical guidance (Progressive Youth Organization and Serve the People, STL), with our help, will also soon be conducting a monthly, public program of study, developed in conjunction with STLRC cadre, of texts that we and our comrades believe must be analyzed and debated to develop further our local work, clarify theoretical questions, and sum up our work/expose negative trends and behaviors. If you are interested in assisting us in any of these tasks or participating in a monthly study, please contact us.

RIM (Revolutionary Internationalist Movement)

Black Panther Party:

Frantz Fanon (Influenced Huey P. Newton and the BPP):

Malcolm X:

Proletarian Feminism:

PCR-RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party – Canada)

RCP-USA (Before the solidification of the Avakianite cult/revisionism)

  1. Sakai

Butch Lee/Red Rover


V.I. Lenin

Harry Haywood:

Pan-Africanism/African Revolutionary Socialist/Liberation Movements:

J.V. Stalin:

Prof. Jose Maria (Joma) Sison/CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines)/National Democracy Movement

Mao Zedong/Revolutionary China

Chinese Communist Party (Anti-Revisionist Works)

On and From Cuba

Communist Party of Peru – (Shining Path)

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

Saint Louis: