Lifting a Rock Only to Drop it On One’s Own Feet: On The 4/6/17 Attacks on Syria

“Lifting a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet” is a Chinese folk saying to describe the behavior of certain fools. The reactionaries in all countries are fools of this kind” – Mao Zedong

No war syria

Exactly one hundred years after the United States involved itself in WWI in Europe (at the tail end), the fascistic administration of Donald Trump, in response to a chemical weapons attack of April 4th on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun that was spuriously and disingenuously attributed to the Syrian government by the forces of NATO and its lackeys, launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at al-Shayrat airfield, the supposed source of the aircraft that launched the chemical attack. Six people were killed, aircraft were destroyed, buildings were set afire, and the runway was heavily damaged.

What was this attack? Of course, we all know that the United States, its proxies, and its junior imperialist partners have been slaughtering Syrian civilians for years. But, this latest attack introduces yet another dangerous monkey-wrench into the whole situation. This was an attack on the Syrian government, directly, on a false pretense. There is no evidence that Assad conducted the chemical attack, contrary to the claims of bourgeois “human rights” activists that are simply puppets and water carriers for US/NATO imperialism, swallowing every piece of garbage thrown their way without investigation or application of common sense. Why would a person who is winning a war and preparing to enter negotiations just decide, out of the blue, to launch a chemical weapons attack using a deadly nerve agent, generating outrage from the international community and opening itself up to reprisals? Why does Trump ban refugees from Syria, and then bomb their country, claiming concern about the use of chemical weapons? What are pepper spray, mace, and tear gas? Are they not chemical weapons as well? The US is the world’s biggest hypocrite and liar. The Western liberals carrying this myth are Orientalists, caught up on the stereotype of the “maniacal Arab dictator” who, for no good reason, kills people at random. They squawk and whine and beat the war drums against Russia, Assad, and whoever else CNN and MSNBC tell them the enemy is, while living in the US. What good does this serve? Are they Syrian? Are they Russian? What country is the number one enemy of the world’s people, as stated by the people of the world themselves? That in which they live! This is the height of irony. Their supposed good intentions lead them directly into unity with the Trump camp that they claim to hate so much, which also wishes to see Assad removed, possibly dragged through a Damascene street like Gaddafi was in 2011 (thanks, Clinton!), and the country fractured and destroyed, much like Libya and Iraq. US intervention in any area of the world is objectively bad, because the US and its imperialism is an objectively bad, negative, evil, parasitic influence on the world. Thus, we oppose it. The US has no business in the Middle East, the Philippines, Japan, Palestine, Kurdistan, or anywhere else.


Assad is, of course, a bureaucrat capitalist, a lackey and crony of Russian imperialism, which, while rising, is not at the level of the US. It has its own interests in the region, interests which it is defending. This is an inter-imperialist conflict, ultimately. While we oppose all imperialisms, we recognize that we are actually in a position to do something about that under which we live, that which is the main cause of the troubles impacting the peoples of the world today. It is the job of genuine Communists and democratic elements in Russia and Syria to work for their own revolution. We can not do it for them. We also cannot let ourselves be duped by war propaganda and phony reports and fall into anti-people blind alleys. We are confident that our comrades around the world in other imperialist countries such as Russia and social-imperialist countries like China are carrying out their own work and organizing effective struggle against their own countries’ imperialism, and are preparing their own revolutions. It is our task, as revolutionaries in the world’s number one imperialist and terrorist country, to prepare and build for our own. The destruction of the US is a gain for the people of the world. This is our historic task. This means building up our own Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party capable of providing material support for the peoples of the world in their struggle by directly harming and working for the defeat of the United States in whatever new war its nature leads it to enter. Statements and demonstrations led by peace police and think-pieces written by people with Ph.Ds and pockets full of Yankee money don’t do anything of tangible value. Actions, development of the political consciousness of the working class, the revolutionary class, the class that is the guiding force of any socialist revolution, do. Building strong mass movements, mass activists, and solid cadre, this is what is valuable. The best thing we can do, from the United States, to help the Syrian people and the people of the world is to build up our class’s weapon against that which is killing them, and us, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party. We oppose the artificial partition of Syria to the benefit of the imperialists. We support Syrian and Kurdish self determination free from outside meddling or coercion. The affairs of a country are those of the people of that country and their government. None else. The role of the US and all other imperialists is to leave. Everywhere. Pack up the bases, and go home. Since it won’t do this, because it’d run counter to the interests of its ruling clique, it must be destroyed.


“During a reactionary war, a revolutionary class cannot but desire the defeat of its government”. Lenin wrote this during WWI, and it holds true today. The revolutionary people, the working class, the oppressed nations, in the US, are oppressed by the same people that are oppressing and destroying the people of Syria. A country that claims to not be able to afford to fix infrastructure, fund schools and healthcare, and take care of the other needs of its people can launch millions of dollars of missiles and miss with half of them, and build a worthless wall on its border with a country that it has also worked to destroy. We desire the defeat of the US government in any war it makes on Syria, the DPRK, or any other country. Our war is here. Let’s sharpen it, let’s expand it, let’s bring more people into it. When the US launches a war abroad, our job, our duty to the people of the world is to bring it home. Cast away illusions, prepare to struggle. Dare to struggle, otherwise you don’t deserve to win. Prepare for militant proletarian internationalist, anti-imperialist actions, demonstrations, and struggle in Saint Louis, led by Saint Louis Revolutionary Collective and mass activists.

US out of Everywhere!

Stop the U.S. War Machine!

Rot the Empire from the Inside!


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