So You Want to Join the RC?


Saint Louis Revolutionary Collective is a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization. Who are we? STL-RC cadre aren’t simply bookworms sitting around doing nothing while the streets flare up and the people struggle. If there is a homeless encampment under threat, we defend it. If there is a strike, we are there to help. If there is fuckery from the pigs, we do everything that we can to make it a big deal and fight against it. If there’s fascists about, we run them out. We read and develop ourselves on an ideological and theoretical level, but we also work. The role of a cadre is to be with the people, listen to the people, learn from the people, teach the people, and serve the people. Everything that goes on, we must take part in. We serve the people through participation in, development of, and leadership in all sorts of mass work, whether it be building antifascist bases in communities, struggling against the coming drop in the minimum wage, conducting interviews with victims of police brutality and their families, conducting self-defense training, and coordinating the work of linking up all progressive forces in our area for revolutionary efforts and building broad based coalitions and campaigns. By joining us, you recognize that the path to liberation and salvation of the majority of humanity is through building for revolution and the destruction of the United States, the number one imperialist superpower on the face of the Earth today, through Protracted People’s War. Such a thing requires the efforts of all who can be united and developed. We are currently in the stage of accumulation of forces, this means that we focus on turning as many people into Maoists as possible, and getting all progressive elements organized and involved in the work that we are doing here. The process of joining the RC isn’t a short one. You must have mass work under your belt, and you must have a firm theoretical foundation. Cadre are developed in mass struggle. You can’t just pick up a few books and call yourself a cadre. There are people participating in revolutions across the world who have not read Marx’s Capital. There are people who have read Marx’s Capital who are reactionaries and who oppose the revolutionary movement. The supreme test of cadre is in practice. Who do we want? We want people who are involved, who have links to the people, who can go among the people and swim among them like fish in water. We want workers. We want students. We want people who can go everywhere they are needed and do everything that is needed, because the revolution must be everywhere and do everything. What service are you to the people? What have you done for the people? What are you doing to advance the revolutionary movement? This being said, there are a few questions that should be answered and a few things that should be cleared up if you are interested in beginning the process of making revolution with us. You can’t join with any old ideological base, you have to have a base to work on. We are guided by Maoist theory. Answer these questions as the first step. To help you in your development, we have attached links to readings that explain terms that may be unfamiliar and assist in the process of your development. – Political Education Bureau, STL-RC


1.) How would you describe yourself ideologically?


2.) Is a revolutionary vanguard (a Communist Party) necessary?


3.) What is the role of a cadre organization or Party and cadre?


4.) Describe briefly the mass line.


5.) What are the “three magic weapons” of making revolution and why are they necessary?


6.) What does proletarian feminism mean?


7.) Why is the liberation of oppressed nationalities and genders (see Proletarian Feminism) an important goal of Communists?


8.) What differs between our goal of oppressed people’s liberation and liberal identity politics?


9.)Why is connecting with the masses, oppressed communities, and building duel power under capitalism important?


10.) Why is the insurrection route (“October Road”) of making revolution faulty?


11.)Why is cultural revolution necessary?


12.)What is the importance of Criticism and Self-Criticism?


13.)Are cadre infallible? Is any party leader or revolutionary?


14.)What is revisionism?


15.)Why is it necessary to uphold dialectical materialism as a communist?


16.)What is the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and why should the working class take state power?


17.) What is cadre discipline? Must cadre be subject to higher discipline than people in mass organizations? Why?


18.)Why should communists fight against imperialism? What is imperialism? What does working class Internationalism look like?


19.)Are law enforcement officers (pigs/cops) “working class”?


20.)Where do correct ideas come from?


21.) Why is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism the highest stage of Marxism?


22.) Is MLM a scientific worldview? What is a scientific worldview?


23.)Why should a communist party adhere to Democratic Centralism?


24.) Who are some of your biggest revolutionary inspirations and why?


25.) What is needed to strengthen the fighting revolutionary movement in Saint Louis? Who can be united? Who are our friends? Who are our enemies? What is the major issue (contradiction)?


26.) Why do you want to join us?


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