A STL-RC Cadre’s Thoughts on the US Elections




It’s Election Day again, which means that a new member and representative of the ruling class will be put in the White House. The masses of people have been prodded and threatened for the last year, even longer, into voting today for a neo-liberal war criminal and imperialist, Hillary Clinton. They attempt to hold us hostage, to frighten us, with the threat of the puffed up paper tiger, Donald Trump. To the most oppressed and most exploited, this means nothing. Poor communities of color know this election is a fake, a fraud and a shell game, and in recent polling, have shown that their turnout will be significantly lower than the last election. The petty bourgeois liberal loves to condemn those who don’t vote and complain about “civic duty”, but we Maoists know better. Our duty is to make revolution, to dare to struggle and dare to win. Putting any hope in the polls for our liberation is a fool’s errand, and those that push this line are the biggest fools and the biggest frauds of all. The most exploited and oppressed don’t vote, precisely because they see the direct effect of what voting does for them; nothing. For the vast majority of working and oppressed people, nothing will change, or things will get even worse, regardless of which warmongering marionette win. Their apathy towards the polls is a direct result of the recognition that this system is a fraudulent one, a shell game, an apparatus set up to manage the affairs of the bourgeoisie, those who lie to, cheat, steal from, and exploit us mercilessly every day. No one elected in the US, which is the core of imperialism and capitalism, can bring about real liberation. No election, anywhere that the bourgeois-imperialist order of things exist, can liberate us. Only revolution is the solution. The two political wings of the bourgeoisie use racist dog whistles, transphobic pandering, xenophobic fear mongering, and other tactics of this nature to beguile and fool us, but this is working less and less. Voting either Trump or Clinton is a perpetuation of this. Likewise, voting for candidates like Jill Stein will do nothing, and those that push these candidates and channel the anger of the masses of people back into the system through false promises that can never be kept must be criticized and exposed as representatives of bourgeois charlatanism and cretinism in the ranks of our movements. There is no way that a so-called Communist party can “tactically intervene” or engage in these elections in a meaningful way that advances the tasks laid before us.



Socialism cannot be brought about through reforming bourgeois liberal democracy and there is no such thing as “green capitalism” or “inclusive capitalism”. Capitalism must perish. What the STL-RC, what all real Maoists, are calling for and actively struggling towards is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party, a firm weapon and vanguard of the proletariat, a Communist party capable of seizing state power and overthrowing the bourgeoisie through revolutionary protracted people’s war, and waging the class struggle under socialism without yielding or feinting or pitching off to the right, until we establish a Communist order of things. This can only be done by forming links with the masses of people, building up mass organizations like Progressive Youth Organization or Serve the People or Revolutionary Student Front, organizing Maoist collectives of cadre, and organizing in our communities with Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory and practice as our guide. As Comrade Mao Zedong said, the masses are the motive force of history. We recognize this fully and understand that liberation can only come from the masses themselves. Nothing reactionary falls, unless you make it fall. Let’s make it fall.






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